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Bill Gates to visit Spain more often

Nov 6, 2013
Bill Gates

Spain, a breathtaking country, has seen its economic wealth plunge in the last couple of years. For many years tourism was considered as one of their main economic drivers. Spain was considered to be an affordable holiday destination. For the luxury segments Marbella, Mallorca and Ibiza were fantastic places to visit.
During the economic bonanza, investors started injecting unmeasurable amounts of money in development projects in Spain. Brand new infrastructures; from roads to rail ways, new airports, new real estate developments and so on. Developments without limits.
New holiday resorts emerged out of nothing. The only back turn was the rise in prices due to the Euro. Spain stopped being an affordable destinations and saw countries like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia take their market share. Why visit Spain if it [...]

August 2014 Benidorm Holidays

Aug 13, 2013

Book your Benidorm Holiday and get the best Early Booking Discount available on the web.
How does it work?
Book this exclusive and limited edition before the 31st of December 2013. You are booking a 7 nights stay in a four star Benidorm Hotel.
When the offer reaches its deadline or has been sold out, we will mail the lucky buyers a list with hotel names from which they can make their choice. What if you don’t like the hotels? Well, let us know the hotel you want to go to and we will negotiate with them.
Which dates?
This offer is valid for any date in August 2014. You can choose your entrance and departure date. No restrictions at all, as long as you stay 7 consecutive nights.
Which [...]

Lucky Draw Contest

Sep 24, 2012
Lucky draw winners

What is this? Our lucky draw contest is a unique contest where you can win spectacular gifts.
How it works? To enter the contest you need to buy vouchers. You can buy as many vouchers as you wish, it will definitely increase your chance of winning.
Money back Guarantee One lucky winner will be chosen electronically through a randomized program conducted by Cielo. The remaining participants will get their money back to spend on Cielo.
Free using Cielo credits Members can use their Cielo Credits to enter the lucky draw contest for Free. How to earn credits? Become member, start inviting friends to join your cielo circle. You will receive points and credits for each person that accepts your invitation.
What can I win? You can win family [...]

Cielo Lucky Draw Winners

Sep 24, 2012
Cielo Lucky Draw Winners

Welcome. On this page you will find the names of all those who have won a luckey draw contest.


The package included 2 entrance tickets to watch the game live in the Santiago Bernabeu on the 2nd of March 2012, a two night stay in a 3 star hotel in Madrid and 2 flight or train tickets. Those who did not win, got their money back into their Cielo account.

Delhi: Exploring the old in the new times

Feb 12, 2012
Delhi: Exploring the old in the new times

The capital of India, Delhi is a place where history, culture, architecture, tradition and modernity all mix together, to create a land of diversity but with a distinct flavor. Enjoy the sites that were made hundreds of years in the past and be transformed by the lovely history and charm that Delhi can only offer. Are you visiting here in summer? Here are some great places to visit while in this lovely city.

The Red Fort
Probably one of the most iconic monuments of Delhi, the Red Fort is the monument that still stands today, a remembrance of the Mughal Empire that ruled over India for many years. The walls of the Red Fort extend up to two kilometers and it was used to prevent invaders from entering and invading the interior. [...]

Tips in exploring Disney World in Orlando

Dec 1, 2011
Tips in exploring Disney World in Orlando

Disney World, the largest and globally recognized recreational resort, is a really big tour to plan. It is like traveling across the world with one pass. That being said, it is very ideal that you plan ahead and visiting Disney World in Orlando. This massive area is even larger than Manhattan Island and consists of 4 major theme parks. You also have numerous attractions to visit. If you plan ahead, you can cover a lot of area in a few days of travel across this massive global destination. What should you do on each of the 4 theme parks? What things are you going to do on either of the 2 water parks? Are you planning on doing some sightseeing and people watching? Do you have kids to take along? [...]

The Vegas charm: exploring the pleasures of the city

Nov 25, 2011
The Vegas charm: exploring the pleasures of the city

Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The quotable quote has sealed the image of Las Vegas as the Sin City, a place of decadence, glamour, casinos, money and weddings. It is a blinding ball of light at first glance and for a novice, traveling across this city can be overwhelming and of course, expensive. When going to Vegas for the first time, there are 3 very important categories that you should not forget to include in your itinerary. First, parties, next, food and lastly, entertainment. These are your major categories to focus on when planning a well rounded trip to Las Vegas.

On your first day or two in Las Vegas,you will forget the meaning of the word sleep. You will not have any time to rest your red eyes [...]

San Sebastian Dining: top Spanish restaurants

Nov 22, 2011
San Sebastian Dining: top Spanish restaurants

When you think of 5 star, you might think, fine dining and formal eating but in reality it goes way deeper than that. For a travel eater, 5 star dining is all about the experience of belonging and the spirit of the area. If you are going to San Sebastian, Spain, here are some of the top notch dining areas for you to consider.

Bodegon Alejandro
Fermín Calbetón, 4 San Sebastián-Guipúzcoa
Recently transformed and enhanced, this restaurant offers a much more modernized dining experience. No, we are not talking fast food. The owners never forgot about the unique Basque heritage, the quintessential experience of haute cuisine. The excellence if the food has always been an important aspect to their history. Enjoy the freshest cod dishes prepared by the chef and a true [...]

Who needs Santa when you have 3 Kings: Dia Delos Reyes Magos

Nov 15, 2011
Who needs Santa when you have 3 Kings: Dia Delos Reyes Magos

Mexico is a fantastic place for celebrations, culture and tradition. A Catholic country, Mexico celebrates numerous festivities related to Catholicism but do not feel out of place. A lot of tourists, no matter what their religious beliefs are, also enjoy the unique traditions that are done in Mexico. There is no bad time to visit the country. Always sunny and shiny, Mexico is available for sun worshipers and culture enthusiasts no matter what the season is in your location. So what interesting activity should you try to take advantage of for your Mexico trip?

In January, to celebrate the end of the Yuletide festivities, Mexico celebrates the so called Dia De los Reyes Magos or Three Kings’ Day (Epiphany). The tradition is done during the 6th of January. This is [...]

When nature creates: the unique beauty of The Plitvice Lakes

Nov 10, 2011
When nature creates: the unique beauty of The Plitvice Lakes

In 1979, the most beautiful site in Croatia was granted a World Heritage site title from UNESCO. An undeniably impressive region, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is located halfway from the capital Zagreb and Zadar. The unique beauty of the National Park is with its 16 gorgeous lakes interconnected by waterfalls set on woodland areas with precious animals like bears, deers and rare birds. With a total of 300 square kilometers, the lakes are joined together, covering a distance of 8 kilometers. It is an impressive region with a lot of incredible sights to offer for any willing traveler.

The lakes are open for public the entire year but it is open for longer hours every summer. There is a fee that is used to maintain the park. Across the [...]

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