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Delhi: Exploring the old in the new times

Posted by Natalie Brends on February 12th, 2012 | No Comments

The capital of India, Delhi is a place where history, culture, architecture, tradition and modernity all mix together, to create a land of diversity but with a distinct flavor. Enjoy the sites that were made hundreds of years in the past and be transformed by the lovely history and charm that Delhi can only offer. Are you visiting here in summer? Here are some great places to visit while in this lovely city.

The Red Fort
Probably one of the most iconic monuments of Delhi, the Red Fort is the monument that still stands today, a remembrance of the Mughal Empire that ruled over India for many years. The walls of the Red Fort extend up to two kilometers and it was used to prevent invaders from entering and invading the interior. When the Sikhs and latter, the British came into the scene, the Fort stopped being a fort a marvelous landmark of the ancient times, it is a great way to start your journey.

Jama Masjid
Considered an important structure, this is the largest Mosque created in India. This is the treasure of the old city more than 20,000 devotees can fit in the courtyard quite comfortably. The Mosque was finished in 1650m after an arduous 13 years of build. Head to the southern tower and brave the winding steps. You will enjoy the incredible panoramic view of Delhi. Of course, since it is an active Mosque, you should take note to wear appropriate clothing.

The Tomb of Humayun
Yes, the tomb was inspired BY theBY theby Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal. It was created in 1570. It houses the body of the second emperor of the Mughals, Humayun. It was the first of this kind of structure to be created in India and after this; extensive structures across India were built. It has some really nice gardens that you will surely love.

Qutab Minar
This is considered as the highest brick minaret in the world. It is the best representation of Indo-Islamic architecture. It was created in 1206! The reason for creating the structure is still shrouded in mystery. It might be a symbolic triumph of Islam in India but others think it is a way to call the faithful to pray. Visit the tower floor by floor and enjoy the wall carvings and some historic monuments around the site. You will definitely love the site at the top and this is a great way to have break before exploring the other nice areas in Delhi.

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